How do I know the size I need?

Our nail sets all come with 22 nails-no need to measure!


How long do the nails stay on?

Sticky tabs are great for special occasion wear and generally last up to 1-2 days. Glue can last anywhere between 1-3 weeks. It depends on a number of factors including nail prep, and how well you look after them.

How can I avoid nails popping off?

Careful prep of your natural nails before application will help your nails to stay on longer, including removing the shine and wiping dust and oils off with the alcohol wipe provided. Being mindful not to use your nails to open packaging etc and not having them submerged in water for long periods should also help.

Are nails reusable?

Yes! As long as you look after them they can be worn and enjoyed multiple times. If you are using glue to adhere, you may wish to purchase a pumice pen (under "Extras" tab) to gently remove glue buildup on the back of the nails.

What if the nails are the wrong size?

All sizes are included so you can find your perfect fit! The nails can be filed slightly if needed.

Do you offer custom designs?

Unfortunately, not at this time.



What comes with my nails?

Each set of nails comes with an application kit that contains a sheet of sticky tabs, a nail file, buffer, alcohol wipe, orange wood stick and application/removal instructions. Glue and extra sticky tab sheets can be purchased under the "Extras" tab. 

Do you accept cancellations, returns or exchanges?

Due to hygiene issues we do not accept returns or exchanges. Cancellations are accepted up to 24hrs after initial purchase. Please reach out if there is an issue with your order.

How long is processing time?

Current processing time is approx 7-10 days, but may be faster depending on order loads. If your order is likely to take longer you will be personally notified of updates as they occur to keep you in the loop. Bigger orders will take longer as they are worked on in order of purchase. Please note shipping times are not the same as processing times. Some areas are having issues with longer shipping delays due to covid.

Lost Packages

We are not responsible lost or damaged packages. We only send via tracked mail so if your package has been lost or damaged please contact your shipping provider directly.

Will my nails look exactly like the picture?

We will endeavour to make your nails as close as possible to design pictured, however due to handmade nature of our products, slight variations may occur. Please also allow for different monitors colour differences as well.

My package was returned to you-can I have it resent?

Of course, please contact us to arrange it to be re-sent, and pay the applicable postage.